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For $440K, a Vintage Lake Resort With Film Set Potential

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Dating back to the early 1800s, this green-and-yellow lake resort in Elgin, Canada—which was a men's fishing club before it became a hotel around the turn of the century— has all the vintage appeal of a film set. Operated by the same family since the 1920s, this quaint estate on the shores of the Rideau Canal in Ontario comes with a historic 18-room mansion, 15 yellow guest cottages, a mint green general store and snack bar, and an ample cafeteria. As Messy Nessy Chic notes, the charming Opinicon Resort is a perfect setting for Wes Anderson's next summer camp film. The fixer-upper property is being auctioned off now with a starting bid of just $440K. Bids from aspiring filmmakers (and other retro enthusiasts) are due by Dec. 18th.

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