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Justin Bieber is Now Renting L.A.'s 'Salad Spinner' House

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Big score for singer-heartthrob Justin Bieber, who according to TMZ, is now the proud resident of Beverly Hills's much-talked-about "Salad Spinner" house, a massive, glassy home designed by Malibu-based architect Ed Niles. Last Month, Curbed LA reported that the 6,500-square-foot house was renting for an astounding $59K a month, which is apparently a price Bieber is willing to pay for what TMZ says will be a short-term lease.

Last sold in March for $10.5M, the six-bedroom, seven-bathroom property also comes with a seven-car garage, infinity pool, and a giant glass-enclosed courtyard. As Curbed LA explains, given that Bieber has a history of pissing off neighbors with his wild parties and house-egging antics, this remote residence sitting on more than half an acre is just the perfect scenario. Take a look:

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