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Tour a Striking Cascade Mountain Compound by Tom Kundig

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Seattle architect Tom Kundig's immediately recognizable material palette (Cor-Ten steel, glass, concrete, and plywood) and formal fixations (thin pavilions with moving parts and lengthy cantilevered brims) have once again made it into the pages of Architectural Digest. Would that all Northwestern vacation homes looked this raw and modern, or at least a greater portion of them.

Olson Kundig Architects designed the three-pavilion compound for Shane and Tasha Atchison and their two sons, on a 20-acre site they bought in the Cascade Mountains, for use in the summer and the occasional long winter weekend. Shane, the CEO of digital marketing firm Possible, appreciated working with a Washington native. "One thing I found critically important," he tells AD, "was the cultural fit with Tom and his firm—our values, how we communicate, even the nature and pace of our conversations."

The structures open out onto a kind of courtyard whose effect Kundig likens to a campfire. Anchoring the design is what's known as an "erratic" (pictured here), a boulder delivered there thousands of years ago by glacial ice. Another part of the courtyard is taken up by an in-ground pool, while inside the home, a TV-mounted media console can swivel 90 degrees for outdoor viewing. Which is pretty nifty, especially considered alongside a bar that can be raised by hydraulic pistons for outdoor cocktail-making.

Living, dining, and kitchen areas are found in the main pavilion. Kundig also helped with the decor, including the reclaimed-lumber dining table that echoes the use of barn wood in the home, and the living room armchairs upholstered with tartan blankets. AD has the full story, along with a breakdown of decor elements.

· Olkson Kundig Crafts a Sleek Mountain Home for a Young Family [Architectural Digest]