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Are You the One Renting a Full Floor of the Pierre for $500K?

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Was it you who rented a full floor of the Pierre Hotel for a monthly price of $500K? The Wall Street Journal reports that New York City's most expensive listing has leased to an "international renter" for the month of December at the full asking price. They're not talking about you, are they?

Were you the one who thought spending a month in a luxury hotel on the Upper East Side would be a cool thing to do, for half of a million dollars? If you were the one who did that, could you say what factored more into your decision, the language-specific butler service or the chauffeur-driven Jaguar?

The Journal says you also reserved a 10th-floor suite for $150K per month, for what listing agent Therese Bateman calls "an extended family-entourage situation." Are there any celebrities in your extended family or entourage? What are they like in real life?

On the Pierre website it says that pets are allowed as long as they don't weigh more than 15 pounds. Do you think that if you rolled up to the lobby with a full-grown Neapolitan Mastiff in tow, they would be willing to bend that rule for you? How far do you think hotel staff and management would go to keep your business?

What are you most excited for about the Pierre Hotel? Could you say how much of your decision to spend $650K for a month in New York City came purely from the knowledge that you were getting the most expensive rental in all of the city? (No judgement.)

Are you doing one of those things where you try to spend all your money as fast as you can? Are you One Direction?

Just wondering.

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