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Spanish Couple Built a Modern Retreat Among Grazing Sheep

When Madrid-based architect couple Josemaria Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo want to escape their fast-paced life in the Spanish capital, they prefer to do so in a small modern house set in the meadows of Segovia, a historically rural province in central Spain. The two-story hillside home was, of course, designed by the couple themselves, and was only recently completed even though they've owned that parcel of farm land for some 15 years. The heart of the timber-clad retreat is a central living and dining space with sliding glass walls that open up to spacious cantilevered decks, overlooking a pastoral landscape that very likely includes a flock of sheep casually grazing nearby.

The upper level of the 1,614-square-foot dwelling also holds the bedrooms, including one outfitted with built-in bunk beds for the pair's children, while the bottom level contains a lounge area and a library that's hidden behind a sliding wooden door. In fact, as Dwell notes, the "cozy, ship-like" interior is covered in a consistent wood palette, with wide-plank blond wood wrapping most of the walls, floors, and ceilings. Get a closer look, below.

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