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Nicolas Cage and Curbed Had the Best Nic Cage Day Ever

It was a hell of a Nic Cage Day today across the Curbediverse, as we got to know Nicolas Cage, his movies, his tomb, his lizard, and his extensive and unfortunate real estate dealings. We'll never forget you, Nic Cage Day. Here's everything that happened:

Here at Curbed National, we debuted the epic Nic Cage 38 map of the most essential Nicolas Cage locations on earth, ran down his worst real estate errors, and saw a horrifying collection of Cage-themed home goods.

Curbed New Orleans liveblogged two increasingly emotional hours at Nic Cage's pyramid-shaped tomb.

Curbed San Francisco spent 36 totally fictional, but probably accurate hours with Cage in the Bay Area and went deep on his ill-fated Gothic Tudor mansion in the Russian Hill neighborhood.
Curbed Chicago rhapsodized about the unbelievable views from Cage's apartment in The Weather Man and got servicey, explaining you can walk his old pet lizard around on a leash in Lake Forest.

Curbed NY laughed and cried over Cage's super-weird and apparently unsellable condo in Manhattan's Olympic Tower.

Curbed Boston remembered that time Nic Cage played an MIT professor in Knowing.

Curbed LA mapped the thrilling locations from the Cage/Travolta team-up Face/Off.

Curbeds Philly, DC, Boston, and LA banded together to map the locations in Cage's Great American Opus, National Treasure.

And we got a special assist from our friends at Eater Vegas, who mapped Cage's favorite places to eat in the city.

- Adrian Kudler

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