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Welcome to Curbed's All-Day Celebration of Nicolas Cage

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We love Nic Cage. Everyone loves Nic Cage. He's a literal National Treasure. Nic Cage buys prehistoric animal skulls at auction and, when they accidentally break, he buries them in a field. He buys the finest real estate out there—islands in the Bahamas, European castles, double-apartments in Manhattan—and then he goes broke and loses them all and ends up living in a rental in Vegas. It's impossible to even tell if he's good at acting or terrible at it. He's maddening and amazing.

That's why today, across the Curbediverse, we're celebrating Nic Cage Day, an all-day, coast-to-coast appreciation of The Legend, his movies, and his bad real estate habit. Across the Curbed sites, we'll be judging Cage's decorating skills, mapping his most beloved films, sharing stories of his fake 36-hour trip to the Bay Area, liveblogging from his tomb (seriously!), and so much more. So come along and join us for Curbed's Nic Cage Day. This will be fun.

—Adrian Glick Kudler

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