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20 Amazing and Terrible Nic Cage-Themed Home Goods

Nicolas Cage is a real estate fiend, the kind whose purchasing sprees have nearly brought the actor (who is one of the highest-paid in the industry) to financial ruin. While his real estate wheelings and dealings have justified Curbed's Nic Cage Day, it would be remiss to ignore all of the weird, weird decor offerings available for inside the house. Take, for example, this Nic Cage prayer candle, one of many available on Etsy. It only gets better/worse from here.

↑ Blanket [link]

↑ Duvet Cover [link]

↑ Cushion Cover [link]

↑ Wallpaper [link]

↑ Shower Curtain [link]

↑ Cross Stitch Sampler [link]

↑ Cross Stitch Hoop [link]

↑ Wall Clock [link]

↑ Wall Hanging Kit [link]

↑ Oil Painting [link]

↑ Pyramid Tomb Photographic Print [link] and Wine Glass [link]

↑ Cagemon Paintings [link]

↑ Resin Life Mask [link]

↑ Planter Pot [link]

↑ Hippolas Cage Mug [link]

↑ Activity Book [link]

↑ Hairstyle Whiteboard [link]

↑ T-Shirt [link]

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