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'Vertical City' Pipe Dream for Chicago Mocks Tiny City Skyline

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According to architects Kenneth King and Kellogg Wong, the future of large metropolises lies in what they call "Vertical Cities," super-super-tall, dense ecosystems that contain everything one needs (housing, offices, parks, schools, hospitals, restaurants) way up in the sky. Hard to imagine? Perhaps, and that's why the enterprising pair has launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote their 619-page book on the concept, which includes insight on the viability of Vertical Cities from leading architects, urban designers, engineers, microbiologists, etc., as well as, of course, some outrageous renderings of what it all might look like. Above, present-day Chicago, already rich in skyscrapers, is suddenly dwarfed by the colossal cluster of towers right off the lakeshore.

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