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This Ariz. Manse is Flanked by 45 Acres of Cactus 'Security'

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Described by the brokerbabble as "the Phoenix area's largest and most unique estate," this six-bedroom, 10,159-square-foot manse is currently on the market for $7.5M. Beyond the lavish, Tuscan-style digs—which give off the slightly under-furnished, impersonal feel of a corporate retreat—the property also boasts a ludicrous, 54-acre buffer of cactus fields, effectively earning the place yet another superlative as "the most secluded property available" with "one-of-a-kind" privacy and security. Now, it's slightly hard to tell—given the perplexing, often indecipherable language that is brokerbabble—but the heavy importance placed on the "hideaway's" seclusion, privacy, and miles of prickly land seems to be hinting that the fortress might make a prime spot for shady business, right? If not, it at least confirms potential buyers will never have to bother with neighbors, ever. Either way, do wade through the cacti and take a look:

· 42820 N Fleming Springs, Cave Creek, AZ [Redfin via Loony Listings]