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Someone Wants to Build a Home from Old Bay Bridge Scraps

Dismayed by the California Department of Transportation's plans to scrap the steel from the recently replaced eastern span of the Bay Bridge, Bay Area resident David Grieshaber is looking to turn a section of it into a three-story home that would include a loft for himself and his wife, a rental space for Airbnb guests, and public space for visitors. The project wasn't much more than a flashy site and a batch of renderings until recently, when the San Francisco Examiner reported that Gieshaber had confirmed that he could acquire a section of the truss portion of the old bridge, and that he was holding meetings with potential investors. Gieshaber's bureaucratic nightmare looks far from over, but if he can see it through, this adapted glass-and-steel home will go up in some as-yet-unknown site, though a view of the Bay Bridge will be essential. Check out Curbed SF's coverage for the full scoop, or take a look at the renderings below:

· Bay Bridge House takes final design to meetings to gain project support [SF Examiner via Curbed SF]