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Big Reveal: How Much to Buy a 5 Bed/6 Bath in Whitefish?

And now, the answer to last week's asking price guessing game. Remember, if you've got a listing you'd like to submit, hit the tipline.

What: 5 bedrooms/6 bathrooms
Where: Whitefish, Montana
Square Feet: 7,554
Acreage: 10.1 acres on a private island
ASKING PRICE: $5,590,000
The Skinny: Last week, we headed to Whitefish, Montana for the weekly asking price guessing game. So how much is a 5 bed/6 bath house just 20 minutes from Whitefish Mountain Resort? Curbed readers are on a roll, because you've once again chosen the correct ask, at $5,950,00. But the private island had some of you convinced the property was a lot more, with about 24% of voters choosing both $7,950,000 and the highest choice of $8,950,000. Have a house you'd like to see on Pricespotter? Send us a tip here.

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