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NBA Superstar Dwight Howard Lists Nutso Chateau for $4.9M

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Now that he's officially signed a contract with the Houston Rockets, superstar center Dwight Howard is looking to ink a deal unloading 'Chateau D'Usse,' the gothic-inspired Longwood, Florida mansion he bought for $7.78M when he joined the Orlando Magic in 2008. (No relation, by the way, to France's Château d'Ussé or Jay Z's cognac.) Looking to rid himself of this side-note to his history with the Magic, which he split with less than amicably in 2012, Howard recently listed the estate for $4.9M, nearly $3M less than what he paid for it, which is either a sign of what the market was like when he bought the place or how ready he is to see it gone. The 11,000-square-foot, five-bedroom home is about as bonkers as they come, opulence-wise, with vaulted ceilings throughout and a boatload of designer and antique furniture (a few pieces leopard- and jaguar-printed), while the backyard villa encircles a large pool with waterfalls, a slide, a swim-in grotto, and a lazy river. Have a look at this marble-filled circa 2008 faux chateau below:

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