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Like All Victorian Homes, This Listing Comes With a Spaceship

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On the market for £3,250,000 (or $5,344,552) this stately 11-bedroom Victorian home in London offers multiple grand drawing rooms, a pretty kitchen overlooking the back garden, and—in a most satisfying Brontë sisters meets Ray Bradbury genre mash-up—a full-sized spaceship command center. Apparently built for the luckiest kids in the UK, the Starship-style enclave looks deluxe enough to double as a sci-fi movie set and effectively tops some of the coolest stateside playrooms. Lest the adults in the family become jealous, though, there are also such parent-friendly amenities as a large wine cellar, multiple studies, and a sunny music room. In the 54-foot private yard, a small "lodge"—complete with a fireplace—offers, well, yet another enviable place for these kids to frolic. Do have a look:

· Church Road, London, SE19 [Rightmove via Loony Listing]