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Rent Elvis' Former Beverly Hills Estate for $45K a Month

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Like the nuanced tradition of Elvis interpretation, the practice of hawking the King's former homes has outgrown mere tribute, becoming an art form all its own. Which is why Presley's former Palm Spring's estate could take on the dubious role of 'event space' and start marketing itself as 'Graceland West,' and also why his old Beverly Hills abode can ask $25K a month in rent in 2011, only to bump that up to $40K three short years later. And what, pray tell, changed between then and now in the home that Presley and his wife bought for $400K in 1967 to warrant such a price increase? A renovation, for starters, that added a dramatic coffered ceiling and wall-to-wall expanses of glass to the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home, after which Hard Rock Cafe founder Peter Morton bought it for $9.8M, a good deal less than the $12.9M ask.

A thwarted attempt to tear it down followed, undone by the fact that the midcentury home was designed by architect Rex Lotery, whose designs were deemed worthy of protection by a Beverly Hills preservation ordinance. Later, some kind of bizarre publicity stunt saw Burger King making clear its intentions to buy the place for a meager $3.8M. Care to rent a piece of updated but unwanted rock 'n' roll history from the man who gave the world a decidedly un-rock 'n' roll chain of memorabilia-studded theme restaurants? Check it out above.

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