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Pay $3.5M For Pyramids-Meet-Modernism in Connecticut

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Location: Westport, Conn.
Price: $3,575,000
The Skinny: The pyramid has a long, distinguished history as an architectural form, but has always had two major drawbacks as a residential structure: A) it's really hard to hang mirrors on inwardly sloping walls, and B) livable space dwindles rapidly as the steep wall-ceilings (as beholden to Pythagoras as bored geometry students everywhere) converge. That's not a problem for supine, permanently immobilized Egyptian god-kings, but for living, breathing Connecticut suburbanites, it's an issue. These are the problems that confronted James Biber when, at the height of the pyramid power craze of the 1970s, he decided to design a house that combined hopped-up elements spun off of Cliff May's California ranch homes with the mystical form of ancient tombs, as you do. His solution was to build a low-slung home around a courtyard that was guarded by a pair of connected pyramids pierced by an arched entry way. Inside this unique gatehouse are living spaces connected with triangular doorways and elevated walkways, and on the opposite side of the courtyard is the ranch-inspired main house, with its vaulted roof and glass walls which look out over the backyard and pool. It's all kind of funky and shambolic, sort of awesome and sort of mortifying, and it's asking $3.575M.

· 82 Morningside Drive, Westport, Conn. [Higgins Group]