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Spot the Totally Random Photo in Otherwise Normal Listings

Whether it be due to unfortunate decor, misguided attempts at artsiness, or a stunning lack of effort, the ancient art of the listing photo continues to evade brokers and homeowners alike. While the general rule of thumb—and the whole point behind "staging"—dictates that interior shots should be as straightforward and neutral as possible, it seems that for many, the chance to show off personal photos, random amenities, and general photography skills is too tempting to ignore. Below, a look.

(↑) For $379K the right buyer gets this sweet little Truro, Mass. beach house. For an additional $30, this sea-loving cat is thrown into the deal. [596 Shore Rd, Truro, Mass. via Curbed Cape Cod]

(↑) This $999K listing in Durango, Colo. touts itself as "not a house but an experience" and asks potential buyers to ponder "where the house ends and nature begins" (the door! Is it the door?) Driving the tagline home, a majority of the listing photos reveal flowers and critters—which would be fine, if there were also, say, pictures of all three bedrooms. [846 County Road, Durango, Colo. via Loony Listing]

(↑) Come to Church Creek, Md. for the grand $3.5M property, stay for the ducks. [Undisclosed Address, Church Creek, Md. via Loony Listing]

(↑) If it wasn't for the very serious, very deer-specific home invasion problem, this $799K property in Graford, Texas would probably be asking a lot more. [1655 Falls Creek Dr, Graford, Texas via Loony Listing]

(↑) It seems here that the current owners of this $449.9K Oronoco, Minn. property are—quite literally—trying to flip their house for a profit. [1122 Carey NW Ct, Oronoco, Minn. via Loony Listing]

(↑) Apparently, one of the finest qualities of this home in Westerly, R.I., listed for $1.895M, is its proximity to the town ice cream parlor. And everyone likes ice cream, right? Strong selling point! [12 Meadow Ave, Westerly, R.I. via Loony Listing]

(↑) Once featured on Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild TV show, this $689K Texas "hunting paradise" offers way fewer interior shots—and a wee bit more blood and carnage—than most brokers would advise. [270 Aoudad, Mountain Home, Texas; previously]

(↑) It's sort of hard to tell, but that first photo is merely a highly realistic and helpful rendering that's been thrown in to offer a taste of what a completed project on this $1.8M Medina, Wash. property might resemble. [3223 Evergreen Point Rd,
Medina, Wash.]

(↑) As the current owner of this $1.995M Metairie, La. home could tell probably attest, the key to jumpstarting one's amateur modeling career is to never, ever miss an opportunity to get your face out there. [4809 Neyrey Dr, Metairie, La. via Loony Listing]

(↑) "The rock photo stays in—that's the deal closer!" [242 Upper Lake Rd, Lake Sherwood, Calif. via Loony Listing]

(↑) While throwing in a bonus photo that makes a listing look more haunted might seem counterintuitive, it's a method that has—at this point—been adopted by at least two different homeowners out there. [30 Governor Prence Rd Eastham, Mass. via Curbed Cap Cod]

(↑) This $15M Celina, Texas ranch sits on 314 acres and comes with two arenas, a "mare motel," a massive barn, and exactly one horse. [8496 County Road 97, Celina, Texas]

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