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Huge Glowing Jellyfish Complex to Alight Upon West Kowloon

Not to be confused with some jellyfish-shaped designs that will never see the light of day, this honest-to-gosh sea jelly of a building is coming to Hong Kong in 2016, moving the center of the architecturally crazy world back to West Kowloon. With a rippling exterior that resembles a mass of tentacles caught mid-undulation, this forthcoming cultural center looks unmistakably like everyone's favorite undersea critter to come in contact with during a swim. It also lights up at night with a green glow, like a bioluminescent creature of the deep, and for all of this, credit is due to Hong Kong-based firm Ronald Lu & Partners for coming up with the thing. This one's a stunner.

As Lu planned it, the Xiqu Centre is meant to express the traditional Chinese Moon Gate motif, embodying the flowing life force concept of chi through its ridged façade. Upon completion, the complex will include 2,000 square meters of educational and job-training facilities, a traditional tea house that can hold up to 280, and two large auditoriums for hosting operas and other cultural programs. But more importantly, with its close proximity to Zaha Hadid's Innovation Tower, we can all look forward to the ensuing swoop-off.

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