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Even a 15-Person Jacuzzi Can't Sell This (Now) $68.8M House

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Located in Bradbury, Calif., this ridiculously over-the-top mega manse has not had an easy time out there on the real estate market. First listed for a jaw-dropping $78.8M in February 2012, the seven-bedroom, 30,000-square-foot sprawl fluttered on and off the market for two years before eventually being PriceChopped down to today's ask of $68.8M. While that may still seem like an astronomical price to, well, pretty much everyone except those who already live in Bradbury, the home comes jam-packed with some of the craziest features an amenity-loving real billionaire could ask for. In the basement alone, for example, there's a 3D theater, a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, a "poker lounge," and a slightly scary-sounding subterranean firing range. Outside, there's an LED light-equipped pool, a temperature-controlled trout pond with a two-story waterfall and a Jacuzzi designed to accommodate 15 very close friends. Sure, the decor might be just a touch aggressive for those who wouldn't personally chose intricately carved green walls or (multiple) domed ceilings with hand painted frescos, but why not have a look anyways? It's on sale!

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