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Get to Know the Architecture of Tel Aviv in Winsome 2D

According to an interview with Media Bistro, Tel Aviv-based graphic designer Avner Gicelter owes his breakout appearance on the Tumblrsphere to one disgruntled Israeli landlord. When he couldn't get his lease renewed, Gicelter and his partner naturally began looking for apartments, and as he tells it, "that process awakened my dormant passion for Tel Aviv's unique architecture, and I got more interested in the buildings than in the apartment we were looking for." Thus began TLV Buildings, a single-topic blog based on Jose Guizar's Windows of New York that throws the spotlight on a different example of Tel Aviv's architecture each week.

Though Tel Aviv was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 due to its abundance of Bauhaus and International Style buildings, the ones Gicelter showcases might not exactly turn your head if you passed them on the street. He's got no formal training in or great familiar with architecture history, but if anything, that's probably a boon when it comes to turning the somewhat ordinary into the visually striking. As other web-based art projects have thoroughly demonstrated, there's definitely something to seeing façades done up in colorful, clean-lined, digestible bites.

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