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NYC's Strangest Airbnb Listing Comes With a 'Panda Pit'

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This is ... This is something else. Spotted over at Curbed NY: a Brooklyn Airbnb listing that offers all the tourist must-haves: a trapeze set-up, a DJ booth, a "panda pit"—exactly what it sounds like—and "the classic New York experience of sleeping in a bed suspended from the ceiling with chains," as Curbed NY writes. It all goes for $89 a night, which, for 1,500 square feet, is quite a bargain, even considering all the add-on costs ($25 for each extra person, $25 cleaning fee) and the fact that check-out is 2 a.m. Oh, and it should be noted that it's all above an operating recycling plant, which means it's "occasionally noisy." Though, as aforementioned, it's not really a problem when you have a DJ Booth.

For more photos, head over to Curbed NY.

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