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Take a Tastefully Appointed Holiday in this Vintage Railcar

It's a tall order, giving the vintage camper hotels of the States a run for their money, but if any colony of converted mobile homes can do it, it's Rail Holiday UK. The old luggage car pictured above was the first they incorporated, and its success inspired them to conscript more into their growing fleet. Dating back to 1896, it rode the rails south of London until it was decommissioned in 1932, after which it laid unused until 1995. Now outfitted with a wood-burning pipe stove, a galley kitchen, and a living room that recalls the British country home in the best way possible, this beaut comfortably sleeps two.

Mounted on a reconstruction of its original chassis outside of a converted rail station, Rail Holiday's old luggage car was restored with an eye toward the original decor, and is sworn to appeal to "those that aren't madcap rail enthusiasts." The rest of the collection includes a 1950s corridor coach, a "travelling post office," and a Victorian slip coach named Mevy. Get acquainted here.

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