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Come See This Legendary Parisian Pool Fall to Graffitied Ruins

Built in 1929, the Piscine Molitor was once the it place for the chicest Parisians to bathe—so hip that it even hosted the unveiling of the first ever two-piece bikini. The massive public pool was designed by architect Lucien Pollet, and was meant to resemble an ocean liner, with art deco stained glass windows, sand-covered patios, and three levels of cabins surrounding the pool—which was used as an ice rink during the winter. In 1989, after countless seasons, the pool finally shut down and faced demolition in order to make room for a new housing project. Luckily, though, a group of Parisians called SOS Molitor stepped in an saved the place—even securing it a spot on the list of France's historic monuments.

Though the massive stadium never met any wrecking balls, it also certainly wasn't kept up to its once glossy white-tiled perfection through the years. Instead, the crumbing stadium gained a reputation as a sort of unofficial mecca for graffiti artists and urban explorers. It also played host to epic raves and artist events—all in an effort to raise money and eventually rehabilitate it and re-open the place as a swimming pool. At long last, the city of Paris finally is making moves to revamp the place as a pool and hotel—even keeping the facade of the stadium entirely preserved, and using original cabin doors, stained glass and railings. The pool won't open until later this year, so until then, do take a look at Messy Nessy Chic's renderings, this way.

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