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Who Wouldn't Drop $22.5M on a Seashell-Shellacked Pool?

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Inspired by the "grand European follies" of the Old World, this carved-marble pool house fit for the coterie of Mt. Olympus can't help but jive with the more general sense of 'folly.' A "natatorium" (read: a fancy-sounding Latinate word for 'indoor pool') spun off from Malibu's still unsold Villa Contenta, the 13-bedroom mega-manse that first asked for $75M back in 2010, it's now listed on its own for $22.5M. Yes, that's eight figures for a pool house on the beach, only a tad less than what the main residence is now asking. It has, however, had a few short stints in the limelight, first as part of the vampire queen's Louisiana abode in True Blood and later as the subject of a feature on the laudably specific Fine Shell Art Blog, for what the listing touts as "about a million" decorative seashells. Oh, and the structure does service a larger outdoor pool, because only a crazy person would drop tens of millions on a seashell-bedazzled neoclassical pool house if it only came with a single place to swim. · 26900 Pacific Coast Hwy [Redfin]
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