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Train for Sochi (Or Just Ski For the Hell of it) at Solaris Vail

You're definitely not going to encounter any #SochiProblems (lightbulb anyone?) at the Solaris Vail – the village's newest extravagant epicenter. With ten days left of the 2014 Winter Olympics, this luxe hotel package will help you get into the games. The "Train for Sochi 2014" experience starts at $5,600 for two and gets guests out on the slopes in style. Rock some official Team USA flair during a day of private ski lessons with Ski Club Vail – home to droves of Olympians and coaches. A pair of Olympic-racer quality Wagner Custom Skis or Snowboard is included with a commemorative Sochi 2014 top-sheet as an option. End the day in the comforts of your home away from home with a private Russian chef's dinner paired with vodka. Lots of vodka. In Vail this weekend? Don't miss the "Road to Sochi Tour" on Saturday, February 15 right out front on Solaris Plaza. Meet former Olympians Tai Babilonia, Chad Hedrick, Billy Kidd, Diann Roffe and Donna Weinbrecht and put your own skills to the test.
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-By Katie Shapiro