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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for 2014's 'Designs of the Year'

Nickolastock /

When it comes to UK design and architecture, there's perhaps no greater authority than the Design Museum in London to codify and rank the country's best. This week the Museum unleashed its "shortlist"—there's 76 projects, so take that "short" identifier with a relatively large grain of salt—of 2014's Designs of the Year, a roundup that includes the latest and greatest of furniture, product, fashion, digital, and architectural design, most with a very obvious connection to the UK. Dezeen has the full list, but to save everyone a bit of time, here's the ultimate cheat sheet for every furniture scheme and building in the running, featuring NYC's United Nations Building, Nigeria's floating school, and, of course, a colorless work by the good Lady Hadid.

· Designs of the Year Shortlist Announced [Dezeen]