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Gehry's Whimsical Zig-Zaggy Museum Gets Its Final Touches

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Frank Gehry's much-maligned design for the upcoming Eisenhower Memorial may be currently on ice, but as Gehry Whac-A-Mole generally goes, put down one WTF-inducing structure and another pops up in a different locale. After years of delays, Gehry's Biomuseo in Panama City, essentially a mashed-up assemblage of colorful blocks, is finally nearing completion. It will be Gehry's first built work in Latin America, and though it is undoubtedly strange, flamboyant scrums of disarticulated surface architecture are well inside the Guggenheim architect's wheelhouse. The 43,000-square-foot "Bridge of Life" building, which will feature exhibits devoted to local biology, has been under construction for well over a decade, due largely to funding issues made worse by what Architectural Record identifies as "the gap between the construction standards called for by Gehry's design and the abilities of the local workforce." Check out the inside the structure—which is set to open this Spring, and looks more than a bit like Gehry's wild, rejected ideas for Toronto—below.

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