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NYC Kitchen Gets a 'Deep and Kind of Moody' Do-Over

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Photo by Reid Rolls/Domaine

As Domaine tells it, the overhaul of the kitchen in Jill Goldhand's Manhattan apartment was first and foremost "a lesson in visual dichotomy." Goldhand, the owner of Brooklyn and San Francisco furniture and accessories shop A&G Merch, hired Brooklyn-based architect Tyler Jorgenson and LA-based designer Brandon Quattrone, who's on the design team at SoulCycle and used to work with Jorgenson at SHoP Architects, to give it a full renovation, which involved installing thick blackened laser-cut steel on the floors and shelves and painting the lower cabinets a dark blue, all the better to throw "light and airy" upper regions into stark relief. With that aesthetic in mind, thick edges were employed to, in Quattrone's words, make "everything just a bit chunkier and meatier," with marble countertops that were bookmatched on the ends to give the illusion of having an edge three inches thick, like the walnut butcher block and stainless steel countertop. For more on how the pair achieved a coherent material language with "precision and heft," check out the full project over on Domaine.

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