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Village-Like Office is Designed to Foster 'Happy Memories'

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Before Montreal-based designer Jean de Lessard got his hands on this Canadian PR agency's office, the bland, 4,500-square-foot space suffered from a serious lack of inspiration. Now, the 24 lucky employees at BICOM Communications get to come to work and pick which cabin-like work zone suits them best for the day. Designed to resemble a "stylized village"—apparently, a growing trend to watch—the overlook feel is meant to hark back to "happy childhood memories" of "summer cottages," vacations, and camping.

Each little enclave has its own wacky facade—including polka-dots, plexiglass, mirrored paneling—while the designated hangout spots wedged between the cabins call upon such tried and true "cool office staples" as outdoor lounge furniture, fake grass, and funky signage. Design Milk has more shots, right this way.

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