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Fully Furnished Moorish 'Cottage' on Sea Island Asks $9M

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Location: Sea Island, Ga.
Price: $8,000,000
The Skinny: This Moorish-influenced vacation home sleeps 16 of your closest friends and relatives, measures a whopping 9,000 square feet, and still somehow only rates as a "cottage" per the oddly restrained brokerbabble. Maybe the brokers are adjusting their pitch to the sensibilities of the sort of genteel yet self-deluded client for whom a bocce court is a selling point, but who would never in a million years call anything smaller than the Biltmore Estate a mansion (because only rich people live in mansions: this is just a sea cottage). Or, maybe, that's just what people on Sea Island call any house, a kind of strange regional tic like Rhode Islanders calling a teeter-totter a dander. Either way, this lovely "cottage" was built in 1928, and looks to be in excellent condition considering the sea air has had almost 90 years to gnaw away at it. The asking price of $8.9M includes all the furnishings (which should appeal to high-end bargain hunters), as well as private beach access.

· 112 E. Twenty Second (Cottage 32), Sea Island, Ga. [Zillow]