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The Bachelor Party Never Stops At This Skeezy Airbnb Listing

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Loaded Chicago-area bachelors take note, Curbed Chicago has discovered your Mecca, the perfect site for the most sordid of bacchanals, and all it costs to rent on Airbnb is a mere $1195 a night. This two-bedroom penthouse was once a winning pick on an episode of House Hunters, after which the new owners let one seriously hip designer loose upon it and started renting it out for parties. And what party wouldn't be improved by black lights, a mannequin dressed for a funeral, and a circular bed topped with fur pillows? With an expansive rooftop deck and a bunch of huge photographic prints of questionable taste, the place certainly provides a nice foil for NYC's 'panda pit'-equipped party loft, rivaling some of the oddest listings Airbnb has to offer.

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