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A Spooky Look at Bangkok's Abandoned 'Ghost Tower'

In the early 1990s, big plans were in the works for the Sathorn Unique—a 49-story skyscraper built in Bangkok, Thailand. The massive project was slated to house 659 residential units and 54 retailers, and most of the building was already completed—save for the very top floors. Thanks to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, though, a lack of funding effectively shut down all construction, leaving the Sathorn Unique unfinished and abandoned. Now—as with pretty much all abandoned places everywhere—urban explorers can't resist poking around the eerie "ghost tower," despite trespassing laws, dangerous conditions, and local's claims that the place is haunted.

"Getting to the top terrace of the building is possible, but it is absolutely not a good idea," says one urban explorer who made the dangerous climb, "the structure is fragile and bares many holes in the floors." The same guy also reports that packs of wild dogs have made a home for themselves on the first floor, and that there's a bee infestation waiting for those who make it to the higher-up levels. Reckless as it may be, those brave souls have snapped some crazy pictures of the crumbling, once-grand architecture, so take a closer look, right this way.

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