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This Sneaky RV Disguised as a Log Cabin Wants $79K

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Perfect for the homesteader who can't commit, this 400-square-foot micro home can technically pass as an RV, thanks to the fact that it can be hooked up to a car and driven just about anywhere and stays within specified width and weight parameters. Still, it does a ridiculously convincing job of passing as a regular 'ole cabin—thanks in big part to its cedar lap siding and expansive screened-in porch. Currently on the market for $79K, the so-called ESCAPEdesigned by architect Kelly Davis—also prides itself on having "virtually no carbon footprint." The entire structure, in fact, is made from recyclable or "sustainable growth materials," consuming very little power and relying on a fire place to heat the bedroom, (full-sized!) bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Basically—thanks in equal parts to its micro-size, eco-friendliness, and readiness to roll—this might be the trendiest dwelling out there, so do have a look.

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