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New Aspen Listing Costs $15 Millon...For a Creek

A $15,000,000 house in Aspen is no slouch of a property, especially when it comes with 14 acres of prime real estate just south of historic downtown. This new "Castle Creek Sanctuary" listing is a private 4 bedroom/4.5 bath home with "25 foot vaulted ceilings and towering picture windows that showcase magnificent views of the National Forest." Buyers will love the home's (allegedly) "expansive closet space" and an additional caretaker's house. We have to take the agent's word for it though, because although there are more than 20 photographs of the listing, there isn't a single interior photo. Nope, for $15 million potential buyers get a creek, and one in every season. The listing shows a snowy creek and a summertime creek, but there isn't a bedroom or fireplace in sight. We do get to see plenty of shots of the "unique bridge" that goes across the beloved creek, which does look quite uh, bridgey. For this much money, wouldn't it be worth it to throw in a photo of the kitchen?

· 201 Midnight Mine Rd, ASPEN, CO 81611 [Zillow]
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