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Behold the Peppy Plan to Cover a Museum in Huge Pinwheels

At the heart of San Francisco-based artist George Zisiadis' proposal to turn the outside of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art into pinwheel-covered playground is a desire to make public spaces more interactive. When Co.Exist asked him how passersby might get those outsized whirligigs to spin, he replied that "the short answer is magic"; the long answer is that a pair of twisted, Seussian tubes would be built into the plaza below, equipped with microphones to measure how hard people blow into them. "This project is about the idea that people are important," he continues. "It's about re-imagining the way people interact with institutions, and showing that people can affect the institution, rather than the institution being this stationary thing."

This isn't Zisiadis' first pie-in-the-sky plan to up the whimsy quotient of the American city. Previously a sociology student at Harvard, he's outfitted Boston with cartoonishly oversized hearts that turn heartbeats into music, sent mistletoe drones into the streets of San Francisco, and gifted the world proposals for disco ball traffic lights and subway roller coasters. For more on his ideas for turning public institutions "places of fun and creativity," which he holds is "the only way for them to thrive," head over to Co.Exist.

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