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Come Explore This Dreamy, Wheelchair Accessible 'Treehouse'

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By taking all the best parts about tree houses (leafy, magical, whimsical!) and weeding out the, uh, elevation part, this sweet backyard extension in London offers the full treehouse experience, without having to leave the ground. Built to be 100% wheelchair accessible, the London-based firm 6a Architects connected the low-slung, winding extension to the existing home by a ramp, which slides down from the living room of the main building, to the foyer area of the new "tree house". Surrounded by lush gardens and full-grown sumac and eucalyptus trees, the 613-square-foot structure is blends into its natural surroundings thanks to reclaimed wood and timber cladding on the exterior. The calming, spare interiors are a wash of white plywood, with just enough space for a bedroom and bathroom. Find a few more shots below, then head over to Design Boom for the floor plans.

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