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America's Largest Listing is a 'Versailles' With Guitar Gardens

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Real estate brokers, they're always burying the lead. There's much about this mansion's extravagance that makes it stand out among other eight-figure listings, not the least of which is the fact that the compound—a 54,400-square-foot xanadu plus an "equestrian lounge" and two guest houses—boasts a combined 62,000 square feet, making it (confetti falls from the ceiling) the largest home on the market in the U.S. of A. It's a full 6,000 square feet larger than Michael Jordan's "grown-up playground," which topped the recent index of largest homes listed in America. Still, that's somehow not the news here. Yes, this 1997-built Alabama estate is huge. Yes, it's "Versailles-style." Yes, it's got a 25-seat theater. But more than all that, this place boasts, as Curbed has discovered afore, landscaping that looks like a guitar. And it's all available for the low low price of $13.9M.

(For those wondering: the reason this slid under the radar when compiling the most recent list of largest listed homes was that it was (and is) listed on Zillow as measuring 648 square feet.)

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