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Custom Estates And Custom Boats: Bode Miller Off the Slopes

Everyone's going crazy over Bode Miller, whether it's his emotional interviews or recaps on how he lived on his 100-foot yacht, so Curbed Ski decided to dive back into our archives and see what we have on ski racing's favorite Olympic bad-boy. Miller bought the now-infamous yacht after the 2010 Olympics in order to spend more time with his daughter in San Diego. But he put the three level water behemoth (called Amadeus) up for sale in January 2013 to focus on the Olympics and cozy up with pro volleyballer Morgan Beck. And while the Sochi Olympics isn't going quite as well as Miller hoped (although he did eek out a bronze in the men's Super G), Curbed Ski isn't too worried about the famous skier. He can always fall back on the rental income from his custom four bedroom, three bath home in Carroll, New Hampshire, remember? Listed on Airbnb (and booked through September 2014!), although the smallish home doesn't have crazy ski amenities like a private ski bridge or a replica of the Titanic staircase, they do come with a bit of Olympic magic.
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