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Inside the Apt That 'Ballet Slippers' and 'Mademoiselle' Built

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Nail polish grand dame Essie Weingarten—of the many-hued polish brand Essiegave the March issue of Architectural Digest a tour of the 5,000-square-foot NYC apartment she shares with her entrepreneur husband. Comprised of two combined units—one purchased 30 years ago, and the other snagged in 2009—the luxurious space was created in collaboration with Manhattan-based architect and designer S. Russell Groves, and is surprisingly subdued—calling upon modern furnishings and a warm, if limited, color palette.

"Home is my blank canvas," explains Weingarten, who sold her brand to L'Oréal in 2010, but still holds the title of global creative director. "I've been around bright colors every single day of my life for 31 years. Here, I need some Zen." To name just a few highlight, the serene, airy spread includes a massive dining area, a cozy media room, a marble-lined kitchen and breakfast alcove, and a grand master bedroom. AD has more photos, this way.

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