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Spend the Night in One of Korea's Cheeriest Yellow Huts

Designed by the Korean firm Studio Koossino, these sunshine-yellow huts are meant to house tourists traveling to the botanic gardens outside Seoul, South Korea, and are modeled after the Moai statues of Easter Island—though they happen to look just a tad bit more like architect Piet Blom's similarly-hued cube houses, or even a certain cartoony and even more unlikely muse. Called the Moai, each of the six dwellings rests on a small concrete base that holds up the rather top heavy upper level—almost resembling the massive heads of the mysterious Chilean statues. Inside the perky little vacation dwellings, the interiors are nearly all white, with the lower level serving as a kitchen area, and the upstairs making room for a minimalist-cool bedroom and bathroom. Find a few more shots of the spiky accommodations below, then head over the Dezeen for a closer look.

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