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Watch a Canary Unwind in Its Fully Equipped Birdhouse

Between the brilliance that is Birdbnb (Airbnb offerings done up as avian homes) and the extravagance of the constructions of America's premier birdhouse mason, there's much and more in this country regarding architecture that's, um, for the birds. Interior design for birds? Oh that's a whole other matter, one that apparently requires interested parties look across the pond. To sell their Be Natural fruit drinks, UK-based beverage company Robinsons filmed a bird flitting about his bird dwelling, a home complete with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, a human-chiming cuckoo clock in the living room, and a collection of boots in the foyer. It's unclear how much video editing magic was called upon to make this happen, but in any case, it's an adorable video.

· Robinsons 'Bird house' [Youtube]