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How One Designer Custom-Fit a Home in a Skinny Driveway

Upon being hired to build the home right next door, Canadian architect Rohan Walters—who must have really hit it off with his client—purchased the adjacent 473-square-foot driveway, with the intention of squeezing in a narrow little home for himself. Tightly bordered on either side, Walter's desired plot of downtown Toronto land only measured at about 12 feet wide and 39 feet long. Still, by adding multiple floors, the architect ended up creating a 1,076-square-foot Driveway House that feels both spacious and stylish.

The ground floor the slim home makes room for an open living room and kitchen space—which opens directly on to the street. One flight up, there's a bedroom and "multi-functional bath, utility and laundry room." At the very top is yet another, more private bedroom nook, and a super-cool rooftop deck. Built out of cinder blocks and "high performance insulation" the compact little space is also impressively eco-friendly and energy efficient, with monthly utilities that the Walters says only come to about $100 a month. The architect's official site has more photos of the space before and after construction, so do take a look.

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