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Embrace Winter With This 3BR Centerville Chalet

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Clearly, it's time to accept that it will probably never stop snowing and the best treatment for the inevitable case of seasonal affective disorder will be to move into a Cape Cod chalet.

Courtesy of the list of Craig, this 3BR, 2.5BA Centerville abode is available, fittingly, as a year-round rental. Obviously, the terrible listing photos don't do the rather, umm, unique 2,460 square footer any favors. Regardless, the architectural hodgepodge is looking for $2,000/month and requires a $6,000 deposit ("1st last and security req'd"). In addition, "tenant responsible for lawn maintenance, snow and trash removal." Wowza! On the upside, at least pets are allowed.
· $2000 / 3br - 3br 2.5 bath year round "Chalet" with yard, decks, full basement (centerville) [Craigslist]