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Huge Cali Manse Blend Various Las Vegas Casinos Together

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Newly on the market for $15.8M, this utterly insane mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.—called the Grand Chateau at Rancho Santa Fe—underwent "multi-million dollar renovations" in order to more closely resemble The Grand Del Mar Hotel, in San Diego. As a result, the seven-bedroom, 20,117-square-foot "chateau" looks, well, not so much like a grand hotel but instead like a combination of every lurid casino in Vegas—right down to its eye-searing patterned carpeting, chandeliers a plenty, and deep devotion to dramatic window treatments. In a bold attempt at "combining old world charm with modern luxury" the faux-fancy, much-gilded decor is paired with such funhouse amenities as private bowling alley, a movie theater, a dance studio, a wine room, and even a personal "discotech" with a fully-equipped DJ booth and bar. Outside, to complete the elegant, look there's a Playboy Mansion-style pool. By all means, have a look:

· 6855 Spyglass Ln, Rancho Santa Fe, CA [Estately]