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Oh Wow, Daniel Libeskind Designed Another Jagged Thing

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What has wildly controversial (pseudo?) architect Daniel Libeskind left on a lawn in Almería, Spain? According to a press release from Consentino Group, the self-appointed "worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design," it's a "mathematical mosaic, a mobile net that would run and break without repeating: a wholly modern concept of a tile, a 'fractile.'" A 'fractile' it is, then, but in actual terms, 'Beyond the Wall' is a sculpture that Consentino commissioned to show off its new "ultra-compact" surfacing material, Dekton. Honestly, they could've called it a house, and given the distinctly un-house-like look Libeskind's first private residence, people would have believed them. Anyway, cool material, bro.

This is no traditional spiral, mind you— not the good around parents, wants to settle down kind—but rather a "contemporary spiral" that "opens multiple paths in many different directions." Purportedly, "a kind of shiver should run up the form," but none can be gleaned from the publicity shots. Oh well, at least it's not about to blind anyone.

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