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Netherlands Power Company Gets a Surprisingly Pastel HQ

Since one might expect a massive power company's HQ to take an all-business approach to decor—and maybe even appear vaguely sci-fi—the Amsterdam offices for the commercial energy group Nuon come as a very pretty, Easter egg-colored surprise. Designed by the Netherlands-based firm HEYLIGERS Design+Projects, the 296,007-square-foot space is divided into six floors, but uses the same cheerful color palette throughout.

Employees enter via a brightly lit, triple-height reception lobby, from which the first three floors of the place can been seen. Also housed on this first floor is a whole lot of the office's designated "hang-out" space—pretty much a "cool office" staple at this point—which includes a restaurant hung with orb-like light-fixtures, an espresso cafe, a lounge centered around a lush living wall, and a water bar (whatever that might be.) Upstairs, the rows of white and pale blue desks are dotted with glassed-in conference centers and cute, booth-style meeting areas.

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