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Bidding Starts at $3.15M for this Geometric '80s Spread

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After a series of unsuccessful offerings, first for $4.5M, then for $6.5M, and finally for $5.5M, the blocky, straight-lined Rancho, Mirage home of Madeline Redstone, sister-in-law to media mogul Sumner Redstone, is taking bids starting at $3.15M. Designed by architect Martin Kaplan and built in 1987, this six-bedroom, 9,000-square-foot compound—which looks like a modernist chapel crossed with an art gallery and cut across by a set of horizontal grooves—last sold in 1997 for $2.8M. "Too much of a good thing is... wonderful," grandstands the listing, presumably about amenities like the private putting green, full-length pool, and separate guest wing, though the overwhelmingly retro look might be too much for some. The online auction started on February 3, and was originally only planned to last three days, but has been extended to March 3. As an added bonus, it's in the same neighborhood as Sunnylands, the former winter home of late philanthropists Walter and Leonore Annenberg. The estate still fancies itself a 'West Coast Camp David,' which must occasionally make for good people watching.

· 71071 La Paz [HOM Auctions]
· 71071 La Paz [Sotheby's International]