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This Six-Sided Modular Cabin is 270 Square Feet of Bliss

Because any old builder can throw together a four-sided micro-home—sometimes for as little as $2K—Estonian designer Jaanus Orgusaar opted to go hexagonal with Noa, the modular cabin he came up with and built, which is currently being manufactured by prefabricated building company Katus. As with other less-is-more designs that came before it, this one's honeycomb shape means that it can be connected to other Noas in tightly-knit bunches, but even on its own, it looks surprisingly roomy for 270 square feet. Which probably also has to do with the shape; as Orgusaar explains, "the house lacks acute angles, therefore giving an impression of a round space." It's also painted a bright, cheery shade of yellow on the inside, and with that single fisheye window, looks like quite the nook.

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