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Contemporary 'Dream Home' in Carmel, Calif. Asks $13M

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Location: Carmel, Calif.
Price: $12,900,000
The Skinny: This slightly bonkers home in Carmel, Calif., is yet another example of why the urge to take a hands-on approach to personalizing the design of one's home isn't necessarily an impulse that should be acted on. More often than not, starry-eyed homeowners who start out with dreams of bringing to life their ideal design—one that's been nurtured and elaborated upon over a lifetime—end up stuck in a years-long process that drains checking accounts and patience, and produces an overly personalized home that's hard to live in and even harder to sell. The owners of this home are a case in point: He wanted a home that recalled the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Mass., while she desired a "a barrel-shaped roof like one on a house she'd seen in Maine." According to the Journal, the couple spent seven years building the resultant Franken-Dream Home, a span of time in which they burned through four architects, and watched their budget balloon from $400K to $6M. Now, less than four years later, their perfect home sits on the market with a $12.9M asking price, waiting for a buyer whose idea of perfection just happens to align with theirs.

· 546 Aguajito Road, Carmel, Calif. [Zillow]