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The Cast of Characters in This Sitcom are Chairs With Lips

To promote his latest line of furnishings at Dutch Design Week, designer Lucas Maassen decided to make a sitcom starring his pieces. Using canned lines, canned laughter, and a cast of black chairs with moving lips—it's less creepy than it sounds, promise—Maassen created an absurdist bit of prop theater that justifies the use of such screenwriting gems as "Carl, did you eat it all?" and "All men are such hotdogs." By way of unsatisfying explanation, Maassen tells Co.Design: "After a while, the whole sitcom becomes a sort of set, because the main characters are sort of props in their own story." Just ... have a look.

the Sitcom! Official Trailer from Lucas Maassen & Sons on Vimeo.

· the Sitcom! Official Trailer [Vimeo via Co.Design]